Is there such a thing as a long time N.H.L. player who's never been in a fight?

Before anyone mentions Wayne Gretzky, he was in at least one,I believe it was Neal Broten.


Which hockey team has the best arena?

No one comes to mind, but there must be. There is a specific hierarchy of fighters/enforcers in place to protect the skilled players and scorers. But everyone like to thrown down once in a while to prove their worth.

Recommended reading: "The Code - the unwritten Rules of FIghting and Retaliation in the NHL"

If you could create the best team ever with past or present players, what would it be?


Who CURRENTLY has the best 3rd jersey in the NHL?

Dave Keon

Who is the dirtiest player in the NHL playoffs right now?

I was going to say the Pu$$ Gretzky. Then if you didn't mention who it was against I would have said it was against Janet. How about Pierre Turgeon. I think his mitts were sewn to his sleeves.

Which of the following NHL Eastern Conference Teams will advance to the Stanley Cup Finals?

I think I read in an article a year or so ago that Paul Kariya said he has never been in a fight. (This info would obviously need to be verified; he may have been given a fighting major and still not feel he has ever been in a "fight," but if he has never received a major for fighting, would that qualify? Not every fight ends up in a citation for fighting.)

What is a jiga boo?

I thought the Gretzky fight was against Bob Probert, but I could be wrong. It was def the funniest fight in hockey history. I would say Pierre Turgeon is a good guess. He is one of the bigger pu$$ys in history.

Does anyone know where I can get hockey ringtones online? I found a bunch of sites, but they are all expensive

Val Fonteyene only had 26 PIM in 800+ games over 14 seasons. Never more than 4 PIM in any of those, so therefore no 5 minute Fighting majors.

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