Anyone have a good opinion on lob wedges?

I currently hit my sand wedge up to 125 yards and I am just not consistant enough with it at 80 yards and in. I tend to get caught on those 70-80 yards to the pin and wonder what degree of loft should I look for.


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Its all about loft my friend. Ican the drive the ball 285 and sometimes 310. I have good club head speed but when it comes to lob wedges and sand wedges speed really isn't what its all about. A lob wedge of traditional 60 degrees will go about 90 yards max with a lot of speed. This is with true loft 60 deg. If you hit a sand wedge 125 your probably strong but you must be delofting the clubface to about 48 to 52 degrees to obtain that kind of yardage. My tip is adjust ball position with your sand wedge make sure its not to far back and actually try to hit it 60 yards then move up to about 90 just tone it done until you find your pace.
dint deloft your sand wedge unless you really want to. With A 60
actually play it a bit back or you will ge horrible yardage.

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If you can hit a sand wedge 125 yards, a log wedge may be a good choice for you. Remember, however, that the lob wedge is more of a control club, so you will probably use it more for ½ and ¾ swings than for full swings.

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I agree with x-15a2, but to add to his answer, you could try the 1/2 and 3/4 swings to the sand wedge and see how this plays out. 125 yds. with SW? I can see why Killa Gorilla. No offense, man.

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2 things:

definitely get a 60 degree wedge. You'll probably hit it around 100 yards. (That's how far I hit mine, I hit SW 120).

Second, and more importantly, is to be a better course manager and not leave yourself half a wedge coming into the green, when by laying back, you can give yourself a full LW in (whatever that yardage turns out to be). So once you're comfortable with your LW, try not to leave youself too close to the green, because I am not too good (getting better though) at 40-100 yards in, either.

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Definitely get a 60*, maybe even a 64* wedge, those are awesome.

I currently have a 60 and a 73!

The 73 wedge is a brand new idea by Feel Golf, who are known for their great wedges.

What's cool about it is that you don't have to take any 1/2, 3/4 swings, unless you want to.

It's special because you can hit it from 1-50 yards, just based on ball position alone. For more distance ball in back, less, ball in front, with the same swing!

Read about it at:

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60* cleveland dynamic sole grind

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I think loh wedges are just for low handicappers and pros. Because the blade is so open, its easy top the shot. Also, because the ball flies so high, it's difficult to control distance.

I'll recommend using your sandwedge 56 degrees, choke down an inch, make a 3 quarter swing and accelerate like your full shots. If you look on the tour, Tiger Woods used to go full swing on all his shots including his wedges. Now he's toned down, learned the 3 quarter wedge shots for better control.

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I suggest you hit as many has you can so you can find one with the right bounce for the shots you need to hit

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60 degrees is a good loft for that shot, if you can hit the sweet spot. id recommend playing a 52 degree for an 80 yard shot. play it back in your stance open your left foot slightly and hit down at the ball like you would do if you were playing into the wind. use a 3/4swing. this is called a knock down shot. it 'll add spin and it'll allow you to play more at the flag other then just at the green.

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Definately a 60. I made the switch from a SW to a 60 and It just seemed to pop up. Once I got used to it, i was hitting it with confidence and is now my most effective club. If you can determine the exact distance with the 60 degree, you should become extremely accurate and even develop backspin.

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Lob wedges are great. I use mine at least 12 times a round, because i miss a lot of greens. I don't hit as far as u, mine goes 60 yards, and my 54* sand wedge go about 85.

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