Anybody know where to get a cheap set of new beginners golf set in S'pore?


I am a 4 handicap golfer, but recently i have developed the dreadful shanks. Can someone please help?

If you're just a beginner, don't spend on a full golf set. Check with your pro as to what to buy. Try visiting Far East Shopping Ctr on Orchard Road. They have quite a selection and try a little bargaining.

Why is Rocco Mediate such a jerk?

You could start with Yahoo! Auctions Singapore.

Happy golfing.

Best golf curses for the price in Myrtle Beach?

Orchard road. There're a few store opposit to the Orchard Hotel in the shopping complex close to the cross way.

What are the average yardage for different golf clubs?


Bad slice, help!!!?

Pop over to China as most of the top brands are now made here, you have the choice of original or fake, otherwise contact PAN WEST they are one of the largest golf companies in Asia. ( they are based in Singapore)

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