Anyone else think Michelle Wie is faking injury?

It's been months since she "injured" her wrist. For a teenager who has been playing golf for more than half her life, she doesn't seem to be "healing" as fast as she should be. Any thoughts?


Help Please?

The only thing that is fake right now is here game , the novelty has worn off , yeah it was great to see a fifteen yer old girl drive the ball consistently over 300 yards but when it was time to really start playing against the top competition she just has not been up to the task , she needs to get herself together and try to get some wins on the LPGA tour , before she should even remotely think about playing with the men , we will see in time I wish her the best .

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I definitely think she's faking

I'm buying a new driver...i was thinking either callaway x460 tour or taylormade?

Seeing how it needed surgery I doubt shes faking. Why would she? She missed out on a major that she always does really well in.

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She's faking but thats not why im writing. Her dad has ruined her career. I am about to make a sexist comment but this chick has pissed me off. Stay the heck of the mens tour unless your name is Annika. Hey Wie heres a novel freakin a few tourneys on your own stinkin tour before you start mashin with the fellas. I had no problem with " Ms. 59" teein it up with the guys because she has proven herself on the LPGA. Until Wie starts winning, not just top 5's either, she needs to make more starts on the ladies tour and practice more. Good call there papa wie, ruin your gifted daughters ability to crush it 300 plus by makin her tee it up from the tips with the boys.stupid parents

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I don't know when the surgery was . . . I didn't even know she had surgery! She might be faking it or she might be getting ready for Stanford?!?!?! We all know another talented golf who went there, don't we!?!?

TIGER!! lol

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Well Maybe,
I don't think she's fakeing an injury? Golf is such a good physical Sport unlike any other activity. To prevent any injury from happing I usually do warmup first before going out to the course and play.
David King

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I hate Michelle Wie but i dont think shes faking it...well at least for the first monthish...being a golfer my left wrist has been bugging me since last year and i did have to take about a month off because it hurt so much hitting the ball. It still comes up after i play but not bad enough that i cant play.

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Ask her Dad BJ. That guy's a complete a'hole.

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I do not believe Michelle Wie is faking her wrist injury. My nephew, Chris Magliulo, attends Punahou H.S. with Michelle and says she is honest as the day is long. Ligament problems and small muscle tears can take a long time to heal, especially in areas like the wrist. Carpal Tunnel is just one of many such injuries. In michelle's case, I believe she incurred the injury from a fall, and then, somehow, reinjured it. *I do not know this as fact, just what I've read, etc.
Incidentally, I have a great foto of Michelle out on a date with a male classmate from Punahou - they were double-dating with my nephew, Chris, and Chris's date. I'd like to send it but have no permission - sorry. George

How come you can play great golf one day and be totally crap the next day?

i think that tonya harding hit her

Well guys its 13.20 who is going to win the open golf. I have backed goosen scott and furyk on tuesday?

I think she's faking be a great golf player. I haven't seen any evidence to prove me wrong.


Who cares as long as she just goes away!!

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She certainly isnt faking. She is way to dumb to come up with a scheme like that.

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Why would she fake this injury?

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