Anyone also annoyed by Michelle Wie?

I can't stand Michelle Wie! she's so full of herself when she's not even that good in golf!? And you keep hearing her on the news and how she fired her caddie. She thinks shes all that! agree? disagree?


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Yes, very annoyed.

Twice she has essentially been caught cheating and both times claimed ignorance of the rules and blamed it on her age and inexperience. (and then fired her caddy) If she is old enough to get a $10m endorsement from Nike than I think she is old enough to read and understand the golf rule book.

The whole golf world is cow-towing to her. The PGA gives her exemption after exemption to play against the men even though she is not competitive at all. And the LPGA came up with a silly rating system that made her #2 in the world - even though she has never won a tournament!

She is being overexposed and exploited to boost the popularity of both LPGA and PGA events and her family is willingly going along for the money.

Is she good? Yea, for a 16-year old, but not ready to be a pro yet. I predict she'll burn out early in her career and never achieve female-Tiger status.

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Yep agreed. Finished what 26th this last one. What? want to blame it on him? Jhonston caddied for Inkster when she won the tournament 3 times, but she is too good for him ?
This 16 yr old, want to compete when can't even hit PAR yet !
Imagine? A kid trying to compete with Michelson, Woods, Wier, Ogylvie, etc.. not a chance. She can't even get a good LPGA finish and wants to get over to the PGA? pluuese ! She can get of her high horse now.

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Naw I think she's too hot to be annoyed with.

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She's making it hard for the public to like her! She is still young I hope she can turn her attitude around. If not she might blow up her career over the next few years!

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i am you breathe IN or OUT on your backswing??

Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!...

Are you a golfer?

She is 16 years old. She is very good. But she has no room to blame her to fire her caddy b/c she is not playing well.

How will Michelle Wie embarass herself this week?

She is the best womens golfer right now hands down look at all the top 10 finishes shes had NO one else is doing that. O and she is really hot.

Who is this professiona golfer?

Considering her age and media attention I think she is handling it very well. As far as her lack of talent have you bothered to look at how well she has done lately with the exception of last week. I think she could have handled the firing better, but she had every right to fire him if she was unhappy with his performance or even if she just didn't like him. At least she handled the firing better than when coach Tom Landry was fired by the cowboys. The media has made her all that.

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It cracks me up the way she answers questions in post game interviews. Even when she places 26th she invariably says something like "I played good today". She is definitely in denial about her game. In the last tournament when she grounded her club in the trap and was penalized two strokes she kept saying the rule was different than "how I know it". What?!?! How you know it? Obviously you don't know it! She needs to stop being coddled by her parents, the LPGA, and her sponsers and wake up and smell the coffee. She is simply a good female player and nothing more. She will never compete on the men's tour and even if she does she will never win. She can't even win a women's event. Oh, and by the way, she didn't even have the guts to fire her caddy herself. she had her agent do it as he was getting on the plane to come back home. Now that's class.

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Michelle Wie is an excellent golfer. She's rated #2 in the world. THAT makes her an excellent golfer. If you can't see that, you know nothing about golf. As mentioned, she's only 16, she certainly has a lot to learn, as does any golfer. If her only reason for firing her caddie is that she ended up in 26th place, then I think that is wrong. Playing a hole is a combination of both caddie and golfer. Ultimately it's the golfer that takes the shot. The caddie isn't controling exactly where the ball is headed,. and can't adjust the speed of her swing. Maybe there's another reason.

I applaud her for trying to make the cut in PGA tournaments, but personally I think she should get more experience playing in the LPGA. On the other hand, she's trying to enter the record books by being the youngest player to play in a PGA tournament, thus, she has to play now. So I understand that.

So again, for anyone who says she not all that good certainly doesn't know what they're talking about. You're certainly entitled to your opinion though.

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She is 16 and a good golfer (for 16) but she needs to grow up and mature before she becomes the tiny terror of golf.

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