Anyone know about the following golf clubs - Titleist 591? I need info on them.?


Who holds the record for the longest drive in golf?

Very few people would know this answer.

When Tiger Woods was playing Titleist, the company called on Miura to make limited edition irons. Titleist brought its own dies and designs; Miura’s contribution was his 14 step manufacturing process.

Thus the Titleist 591 was born. I don think you'll ever find a set though.

In 2003 there was a special run of Titleist Japan-only Irons made by Miura that featured Tigers MP-14 like grind. 500 of these sets were made and sold for 5000.00 in a cherry wood box with a letter of authenticity from titleist and an actual signed picture of tiger. This was the only time they sold his exact grind irons forged by Miura.

Very close to the Miura CB 201

Where can i buy used golf clubs in houston texas?

Wow I have never heard of that series and I am a die hard Titleist user , I will give you the link to Titleists club archive maybe you will find them there !

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