(Guys) Do you wear [khaki] cargo shorts? and Why?

Do you like them? Do they look good on you? Do you just wear them because that's all you have? Do you wear them to look preppy or because you think they make you seem or look a certain way or fit in with a certain group? What do you think about them?


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i hate long pants, cargo shorts are more versatile and give my twig and berries some breathing room and fresh air. i look stupid in long pants anyways.

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i like the way they fit and look. i also find the pockets very useful for cell phone and wallet

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I where them because thats just how i dress

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I like them for these reasons:

1) I like wearing shorts, but jean shorts get old, so khaki shorts spice things up.

2) Not all my shirts match my jean shorts. Today I was wearing my awesome O'Neil boarding shirt, which is orange and black--not really good with jeans. With the khakis, it looks really good.

3) I have two nice pairs of Tommy Hilfiegers I got from a friend, so why let two pairs of 30-40 dollar shorts sit in the closet unused?

4) Khakis are generally accepted as being dressy, but not too dressy. So I can wear them to church, golfing, wherever and feel comfortable while looking good (not preppy, just classy).


I'm talking shorts here---obviously there are times where you have to wear long pants, but I try to avoid them since it's been 95-100 degrees for the past two months where I live! Khaki shorts (cargoes) are the answer for me...

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ya, like the way the are and they have a lot of pockets for numerous stuff

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