Anyone have some good advice on how to put back spin on a golf ball?

Once in a while I can make the ball go left or right, mostly unintentional. But, I have not found a way to get the ball to spin back. I have heard that you almost have to pinch or clip the ball as you come down on it. Any advice?


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1.Golf Ball – Do not use a distance ball – Tour soft feel balls are the best
2.lie – Your lie is very important. Tall grass – when grass is between the ball and club it will not spin
3.Grooves – You must keep the grooves clean to spin the ball.
4.Now all you have to do is the ball solid making contact with the ball before you hit the ground.

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When you hit the ball with an iron you hit down on it. So you are making a divot a little bit in front of the ball. You hit the ball slightly before you make a divot. The grooves on your club spins the ball backwards.

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A ball with a softer cover will spin better than one that's hard covered. These balls usally cost more but if you can move a ball right or left you should try them. Titelist pro v one are really good!

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Harvey Penick in one of his books (maybe the little red book) answered that question this way.
"son how far do you hit a 7 iron".
"about 145 yds" replied the golfer
"and what club do you use when you are 150 yds from the stick"
"a 7 iron"
Harvey replied "Then why would you want backspin on the ball?"

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set your stance to where the ball is a little farther back, and instead of focusing on the ball, stair about 1" in front of it, where it normally would be.

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A few other factors come into play as well. First, you do need a clean lie from the fairway. Second, a club with lots of loft. Third, a "ball first" strike on the ball with a descending blow.

Before you subscribe to the "hitting down" technique. Hitting down is somewhat of a misnomer. It often encourages many to "smother" and hit AT the ball.

Rather, keep your swing as is, and move the ball 1/2 to 1 ball width back in your stance, and swing through.

Even if you don't get the action you'd like, be happy. If your wedge game is on, it will look like you're "throwing darts" out there. Have fun and good luck.

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make contact with the ball first and hit down on it.

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Here's the best piece of advice I can give you.

Keep the grooves on your irons in tact. After EVERY round I take my wire brush and clean out the grooves. I can't understate how important this is!!

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