A couple GOLF questions... PLEASE HELP!?

Question:In Golf (stroke play) what is the maximum number of strokes you can have for any given hole?

Also in Golf (stroke play) if a player concedes a hole how many strokes do you give to that player?


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Ist question - There is no maximum number of strokes per hole. You get what you get. Unless, of course, you're just holding people up. Then it would just be courteous to just pick up at some point.

2nd question - You can't concede a hole in stroke play, only match play. In stroke play you are competing for the lowest total strokes over 9 or 18 holes. That's why it's called stroke play. In match play you are competing for the largest number of holes won, not strokes. Thus you can concede holes in match play.

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Answer 1, is dependent on the rules of the specific course you are playing.

Answer 2, I believe is the max number of strokes as defined by the rules of the course your playing.

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as far as the USGA goes in stroke play a player must have a score for each hole-if he doesn't he is disqualified

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In stroke play you have to play until the ball goes in the hole and count all the strokes. There is not a max and a person cannot concede a hole in stroke play.

when posting a score for handicap reasons there is a thing called equable stroke adjustment which means if you have a certain handicap your not allowed to have over a certain number per hole, if you do you lower the score before you post it.

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As the maximum handicap for a male adult is 28, the maximum number of strokes would be two on ten of the hardest holes if he was playing a scratch player.

As the man said, when playing stroke play, if you do not score on a hole, you abandon the game by self disqualification. You must score each hole.....

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