After Tiger and Phil, who is the 3rd best golfer in the world right now?


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I agree with the choice of Furyk. Although because of past results, Vijay appears in 3rd place, base on form, Furyk should be 3rd.

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Vijay Singh, of Fiji

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Right now, it's Mark Roe, because he's wearing some sexy trousers, and he made me *** this morning.

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According to the World Golf Rankings, it is Vijay Singh.

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Jim Furyk, the ugliest swing in golf, but the guy is good. Vijay is 4th.

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According to the "official" world golf rankings, Singh is #3 (see link), but those rankings are based on 2 year's worth of performances and Singh is 43 years old and fading a bit.

Jim Furyk (a swing only a mother could love) is #2 on the money list THIS YEAR so many consider him to be #3 in the world.

But the REAL #3 is. Corey Pavin! Man, the guy crushes the ball 265 yards - farther that most women, and he actually won another tournament after 10 years! Go Corey!

I'm thinking of buying the new bag boy nxo revolver cart bag,any reviews?

v j sing

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