Any one no n e good junior golf series?


Do you acure a stroke if you swing at the ball and miss it?

JUNIOR golf program
go to
or to find programs in your area good luck

What are some of the more popular Iron sets these days?

u could elaborate

Basketball is about slam dunk, golf is about 300+drives and baseball pop ups are homeruns.What is next?

sorry sweety, but i really don't know.

Are we starting to just accept that Tiger is going to win?

Sorry cause I don't know any. You could subscribe!

Why should sport separate the sexes? Do men need to be 'better?' Laugh...?

Westfield classic, Tiger played in it once in 1999, But was runner-up. It's in Virginia.

I have a club foot and am wondering if I can us it for a driver?

if your interested in golf and your a junior then check out the first tee program, nationwide organization for junior golfers with many opertunities including competitive tournaments, scholarships, and free golf once or twice a week, check out

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