"Pick it up, it's a gimme." What des this phrase means while playing golf?


Is that grip tape Tiger wears on his middle finger?

A gimme is a putt that is very close to the hole and in the interest of speeding up play a bit the other players will give it to you.

In match play the opponet can give you a putt and will as long as it doesnt mean anything towards winning the hole and it doesnt matter what distance it is from the hole.

When you play in a stroke play tournement there are no gimmies, you must putt all putts, so its a good idea to do it all the time( putt all putts ).

Many 12 inch putts have been missed when under pressure.


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It means its an easy pick or no brainer choice of a particular game in sports betting.


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In golf it just means that the ball is so close to the hole, you'll definitely get it in. Instead of wasting time actually hitting it, you just assume that you get the points (hence the "gimme" part,) so you just add the stroke and just go on to the next hole.

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It means the players or opponent concedes the putt and it counts one stroke however you don't putt the ball( at risk of missing it) just pick it up and go to the next hole.

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it means the ball is close enough to the hole that its not wo rth hitting it.

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its close enough to the hole it will go in, but dont do that in a tourny! you will get DQed!

When playing golf, what is the best way to avoid casting?

It is when your ball is so close to the hole that you couldn't miss it unless you tried to. You just pick up the ball instead of actually putting it. Also, in a tournament, your opponent could say that, and you wouldn't have to risk missing it.

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Means you're cheating.

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It's a friendly way of saying that it's assumed that you'll make the putt you have left to get in the hole. It speeds things up and it's also a courtesy thing. You usually shouldn't give this until they are less than a foot away.

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it means your close enough to the hole and the person your playin with wont make you put the ball! Have a nice day!

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It means, your putt is good. Becuase it is so short, I'm not going to make you putt it. Because I'm sure you'd make it, so dont bother to waste your time putting it.

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