How can an amateur lady golfer join the LPGA?



if u are a 1 handicap or less then u can go pay the entrance fee and monday qualify for a lpga tournament. if u by chance win that tourneament then u have a 2 year exemption for the lpga tour. other than that u have to enter the lpga tour Q school in the fall, just like everyone else. you have to have a PGA certified handicap of 1 or less to even try.

What is needed to play golf?

She's VERY Good!

What should a 14-year old girl's golf score be? (when hittiing around 150 yds.?)?

by getting sponsers exemptions, or start on lower tours and work thier way up!

Does anyone like to watch golf?

I think the typical way is to go to Q-school to eventually turn pro, but someone like Michelle Wie managed to get high enough on the money list by using sponsor's exemptions.

Where can i get golf teaching license?



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