A question for people who golf. What tee should i be hiting off at the age of 14.?


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Technically you should use the tees that best fit your average driving distance. Ideally you should be able to reach the 150 yard marker from the tee on an average par 4.

Many courses are changing the tee designation from sex/age based to performance based.

However many people are stuck on tradition, and might hassle you about using the "Ladies" or the "Senior" tees.

If I were you, I would just use the Men's tees (usually white), unless you can hit over 220 yards. If so, then move back one level.

Have Fun!

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always mens tee

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If you play a lot of golf, you should be hitting from the pro tee

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if ur a guy, i say the second tees
u might wanna try the back tees if u wanna challenge urself

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the boys white girl red

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I am 14 as well and i play from the front tees because if you play in a junior golf tournment that is where you play from

Plus most 14 year olds don't have the distance to play from anywhere else then the front tees

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at most courses white is for casual play or seniors, you should play from here to begin, blue is for mens and these are the tees used in tournament play

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It goes by gender not age.
A male would hit from the White Tees.
Females hit from the Red Tees.
If you are on a high school team, Everyone usually hits from the white tees, no matter if you're a guy or girl.

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If you are a boy,you should be hitting off the white tee. But if you think you are a very good golfer, you should tee off at the blue tee. But if you are a pro you tee off at the professional tee. I'm a girl and i'm 10 so I tee off at the red tee. But I will nearly go to the white tee.

Here's one for all the golf fans.name your fantasy foursome and the course you would play?

if your a girl and you hit around 100 to 120, use the red tee.
If youre a girl or a boy, and you shoo around 95 to 100, use the white tee.
If you hit around 72 to 95, use the blue tee.
If you hit under par, use the professionel tee.

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It's much depend on your ability. Michell Wie can hit from Pro tee from the ge of 12, so does Tiger.
Say hit from any tee that you can often make regulations on. Once your score turns really good, like under 10 handicap, move one step further, and keep on doing it. It is also important to be able to make the green in regulations, as then you also learn how to plan the approach instead of only going for a long shots approach from long distance. Course management, and club selections are very important in the game. It should be as much fun if you have to opt to draw and fade, punch, back spin, or lay up as well. Distance is not the only fun part of the game.

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