Any suggestions for a new driver? Also does a stiff shaft driver go further than a regular?what about loft?


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New driver, hmm. Well one thing... I'd advise against getting an Taylormade R-7. The extra bucks don't seem worth it when all you're doing is changing the location of some weights. If you're a bad slicer (or even only a moderate one) these weights won't help you at all. It's more a micro-adjustment to a slight draw or slight fade or something. To me, it seems much simpler to just turn my hands over a bit or close my club head or open it or whatever depending on how I'm swinging. This is something you can adjust on the fly whereas these weights stay in one place the entire round. Anyways, I have Ping G2 and love it, so I suppose the G5 would be a good choice. Really, there isn't much of a difference between these drivers. You could get Callaway, Ping, Cleveland, Nike, etc. and basically have the same product. I would choose the cheaper (or at least reasonably priced) of them. Look for a sale or something. Now the difference is in the shaft, and loft, as you say. For loft, depending on your skill level, the other answers are appropriate... ten and a half etc. I use a 9.5. I tried hitting the same club with a 10.5 and the ball seemed like it just went straight up. I don't know what it is about my swing but I need the lower loft. I've never tried 7.5 degrees though... Anyways. Shafts are all different. I'd recommend getting a regular flex unless you swing very hard (which you shouldn't). You could go ahead with a stiff shaft if you have a fast swingspeed (and a handicap to match it). Watch out for where the kickpoints are on the shaft though. Higher and lower could affect the ball flight as much as the loft (trajectory). Usually you would want to investigate alternate shafts for common stock clubs. They never have the best shafts right from the get go unless you just happen to match a swing profile that works for that shaft. As it is, I've got the factory shaft in my ping... Though Aldila 65 is also put in other clubs.
Distance: no stiff does not go further. Even for the better player stiff if anything makes the ball go not as far. The flex in a regular shaft provides extra distance. Players switch to stiff only if they have a fast swing speed and that flex leads to inaccuracy. Loft, I'm not sure about. In the past they thought 7.5 degrees was longer than 10. Now the drivers seem to be all carry and no roll. I'm not quite sure. My loft is in between anyways...

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just try to keep your eyes on the wheel!

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Stiff, Extra Stiff, Regular all depends on swing speed. You may want to get fitted. If you have a slow swing speed you may want regular. Average golfers are better of with a regular shaft. Loft depends on your swing too. Most average golfers need about 10 or 11 degrees of loft.

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Go for a forgiving driver something like the ping G2&5 or one of the cobra drivers! Most of us will swing a little faster with the driver anyway and since u will want minimal shaft flex with a driver anyway go for a stiff flex! Be careful with the loft usually go for around a 10 degree but some drivers have a higher launch angle than others so u might get away with a lower loft! It all depends on your swing really...maybe u should look at custom fit! Good Luck anyway

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the stiffest depend on your speed of your swing,one time I love to hit a stiff driver now more regular.If your a new golfer go with a 11.5 or 12,degree loft,of your more advance go with 9.5 I know one golfer can a 7 but when he off it bad.there a lot on the market I don't know how advance you are but get on ebay or buy a use one and see how it feel before you buy a new one

I am male -64 y/o with a high handicap. I need new golf clubs-irons - I need something forgiving. Ideas?

Taylor made r7 425 stiff 9.5

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The new cobra drivers have a very large sweet spot so theyre pretty easy to hit but you should go to a golf store and swing some clubs and see what feels the most comfortable. As to flex the type of shaft doesnt change the distance a regular flex is for speeds of up to about a 100mph

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The best thing is to try and try out as many drivers as possible at a practice day or during a fitting session, or alternativly hit some of your friends' and see what you like. Don't assume that a bigger head is always better though, the bigger the club head the harder it will be to square at impact, causing a slice. Try and hit a couple of 460cc drivers and if these are causing problems then go for a 420cc or 400cc. The smaller head won't cost you much distance, and you'll probably find you hit it more consistantly.

A stiff shaft driver will not neccessarly go further than a regular one, its all down to swing speed and physical strength. Generally 90% of players will use regular shafts or softer. Stiff shafts are only really for lower handicappers and pros, and even then you'll find plently using regulars because they dont swing fast enough.

If you buy a stiff shaft then you'll need to swing hard at the ball every time you hit it for the driver shaft to have its desired effect, meaning that you can never loosen up or slow your swing down for a pressure shot, since swinging slower with a stiff shaft results in no kick from the shaft and generally causes a low hook. Most people will use a driver with a regular shaft and between 10-12 degrees of loft, if you think you swing fast enough for a stiffer shaft then its well worth going to a fitting session and checking it out for sure.

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