Any tips on golfing?

i just started playing


Cheap club sets or wood sets?

We have a long list of video instructional tips on the Digital Golf website for beginners. Just click the link below and check out the beginners section of the instruction page.

The biggest tip I can give you is be patient. Just because the ball is motionless on the tee doesn't mean the game is easy. Don't let other people pressure you; learn at your own pace. And, find a par 3 course where you can hone your game before you try a full size course.

Make it fun, and I hope we can help you make it enjoyable!

How to spot fake golf clubs?

dont be bad

dont swing too fast

dont get a song stuck in ur head, it distracts

dont * ur wrist too fast

do swing like a pendelum while putting

For all the people that like golf, what do you call it when you hit the ball off the end of you golf club?

Get the series of "How to Play Golf by Bobby Jones." I think there are twelve of them.
It is great. The scenes are old-school and delightful and he shows how to relax and play golf.
Bobby Jones is undoubtedly the greatest golfer who ever lived.

Best of luck to you!

What is your favorite Golf Course?

Find a driving range and go there during your lunch breaks.

What kind of woods does Vijay Singh use?

some people are beginning to learn the game from the cup, backwards: meaning learn to putt, first, then chip, then short irons, and so on. that's your choice, but your score is usually affected most by putting and chipping, so don't neglect the "short" game.

if you don't mind some technical reading, pick up ben hogan's "five lessons: the modern fundamentals of golf". not super technical, and has solid language and illustrations detailing grip, stance, backswing, etc. you'd have to be a reader, though, and enjoy practicing outside of just playing. regardless, if you don't start with the fundamentals, your golf will always dissapoint you, period. also, use your public library...they are stocked with simple instruction books these days...once you read and practice some basics, pay for, or take someone to lunch in exchange for a lesson. people love to teach golf, trust me. in the meantime, don't bend your knees too much, keep your eye on the ball, and swing easy...the club will do the work for you.

Where are some really cheap places to go golfing in the kissimmee, florida area?

head down eye on the ball left arm straight

Does Boston niversity offer scholarships for mens golf?

keep your head down while swinging

What would the LPGA have to do to become huge to fans?

buy "A.J.s' The Truth about Golf" ...dvd.. look on ebay.
it will help you understand your golf clubs and how to use them.

I am looking for a web-site that might have a picture of the old MAD magazine guy in a goofy golf pose. ?


The only tips is to get a good pro to coach you. After that just keep on practise and have alot of green experience... : )

How far do you walk during a round?

Don't hurry during you are swinging the club.

Do you know how to watch the us open of this year?

Get Harvey Penicks "little red book". Easy reading. Does not get all technical, just gives good little tips that work. A must read from the beginner to advanced players.. Good stuff..

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