2 questions in 1 about golf?

Question:1. I am looking at buying some golf balls. There are some "practice" balls selling cheeper than other ones. What is the difference between practice balls and normal ones.

2. When pros like Tiger Woods or Adam Scott play in tornaments, do they have to pay the golf course fee to play or do they play for free?



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1. Save yourself some dollars and get the practice balls. Chances are you will hit many of them into trees or water anyway, thats just the way it is.

2. There is a $300.00 entry fee for the pros at the tourneys, but I doubt if any of the pros pay it themselves, of course their sponsers do .

Now , practice balls are made in bulk and with less quality check so basically they are the same as regular balls except that they will soften up quicker then regular balls. Once a golf ball is hit to many times it is pretty much worthless.

The pros change to a new ball on average every 3 to 6 holes , of course they get them free .


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normal balls have better overall quality, practice balls are cheap because there need to buy them in bulk, so they are a cheaper ball.

Yes they have to pay, but they make so much $$ they dont care.

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A lot of practice balls are actually used balls that they clean and put in a bag or box. I am a guy, and personally, I like "Lady Flyers."

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Well practice balls are balls the golf course hires out to people to practice distance and accuracy these are generally of inferior quality,colored or marked to identify them as course property.
No professional golfers don't pay green fees.In fact many of them are paid by the tournament sponsers to play.

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The pro's get paid to play, they get their balls, clubs, clothes for free. as for your balls, go for normal game balls if there for playing a game or practise balls if your practising your putting

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There is a fee for every tournament. Either the player pays or his sponsor does.

Practice balls are good as long as the surface is not nicked up or scratched, which may affect it's flight.

If and when you break 90, then consider new balls.

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