What exactly did Nick Faldo say that made Tiger Woods mad?


Whats the best paint or material to use to spray paint golf carts?. They are made of plastic!!?

Faldo criticized Tiger Woods swing a few years ago,at the Buick Invitational. Apparently Tiger is a little sensitive about such things

How come my drives are so unpredictable?

don't know, what?

The ball was hit by the boy.?

He called Zidane a terrorist.

What tips can you give me for re-gripping a golf club?

Faldo criticized TIger's swing changes a couple of years ago while commentating for ABC. I wouldn't say that Tiger is mad, but he does have a very good memory.
The article attached explains it all.

What is the reason that gary mccord never covers the masters golf tournament ?

Faldo said foul languages to Tiger Woods.

When hitting golf balls with my driver off the tee, sometimes i hit the ground before the ball??

Tiger sort of "shanked" his shot and Nick said its a totally fanned out shot - which irked Tiger. Eventually Tiger won that tournament anyways. Small thing, its just that Tiger's a bit sensitive.

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