Anyone know any decent golf games you can get on your p.c.?


Can anyone please tell me where to find a Alien Golf 3h/4h hybrid TrTo?

Tiger Woods 2006 is not as good as the old Links LS games, which are very realistic and enable you to play many courses, including St Andrews, Pinehurst, Bay Hill and Congressional.
Links LS 2000 is still available.
The link below has info on it, plus reviews that compare it to the Tiger Woods game. I've played both, and the Tiger Woods game is like playing a video game. (Like all EA sports releases) The Links LS game is like playing golf.

Ps Links has problems with XP, so hopefully you don't have that system. I think it can be worked out though.

What i have is a set of callaway irons,set no.422 13.usa pat'd 4,470,600 hickrey shaft?

tiger woods 2006...its brilliant.....

Look at the ball when playing a golf shot. My head seems programmed to jerk up.?

exactly tiger woods 2006 is the best golfing game out there( not like there is alot of competition with EA SPORTS though)

On GRAW 1 how do you get pat the sniper part where you are on a loft and you have to protect General Martin?

"Links"`s very realistic

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