3, 4, & 5 irons or 3, 4, & 5 hybrids, your thoughts?

i am concidering getting rid of my 3, 4, & 5 irons and replace them with hybrids. are they easier to hit and more accurate?


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I can see replacing your 3 & 4 irons but not the five. The hybrids are mnore forgiving. However, a standard five iron is an extremely accurate club and given the pitch you shouldn't have a problem such a club.

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I can hit my 3 hybrid a lot easier and better than my 3 iron. I hit my 5 iron so well (it's probably the easiest iron for me to hit) that I don't want to even try a hybrid. See if you can find a few demo clubs & play a round with them to see if you actually like them better before investing your money on something you are unsure of.

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they hybirds are a lot better or easier for most golfers to hit. You need to try them all but the bad shots are a lot better with the hybirds vs the long irons. The hybirds still go the distance

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You would be joining a large percentage of golfers by getting rid of them and going to hybrids.

It is not only my opinion but the general concensus that hybrids are much easier to hit and actually carry more distance. They also cut through the rought a lot better then long irons. They are great for chipping around the greens from the tight lies in front and you can use less energy in your swing when useing them.

I personally think it would be a good move for you.


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YES! When my whole game is going bad, I can still rely on my 4 and 5 hybrids.

Wood-Iron Hybrids Continue Growing in Popularity
Feb. 11, 2003 - If you've ever had trouble hitting long irons - and if you're like most recreational golfers, you have - then you may want to give a utility club a try. Utility clubs are one of the newer categories of clubs on the market, and there are still some major golf companies that don't make them. Those companies are disappearing, however - being won over to the utility club market by the clubs' growing popularity.
Utility clubs - which are also called hybrids, wood-irons or iron-woods - are intended as replacements for long irons. They combine the best elements of fairway woods and long irons into one club whose goal is to be easier to hit and whose purpose is to be used off the fairway, out of the rough, out of sand or other poor lies.

Utility clubs should provide the distance of a fairway wood or long iron but with a higher trajectory than what you'd get from a long iron so that the ball gets airborne, flies high and lands soft.

The clubs achieve this by using the low profile and weighting of fairway woods to help get the ball in air, while avoiding the digging (divot-taking) nature of irons.

In general, they are shorter in shaft length than fairway woods, providing more control.

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I can't seem to hit my long irons.I think the hybrids are good but sometimes I feel that I should put away the hybrids and hit those irons because they are more accurate.

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