Am I the only one who cannot stand golf?

I tried to play it and was bored stiff. It is on tv on the time and I really don't know why people are fascinated by the sport.


How do I use my 3 wood?

No, but going into a golf chat category is not going to help you forget about it. Why did you come in here?
Don't watch it on TV, don't go to golf courses, don't discuss with golfers, don't ask questions in this category.
Whew! I bet you feel better already!

How are the first round pairings determined for a professional golf tournament?

Try it first. I used to think it was boring.

Who had the greatest golfswing?

I can't stand this game, especially on TV. I would rather put on the HGTV channel and watch paint dry.

How much is it per month for membership of a David Lloyd gym?

I like balls.

Not golf.

Who's gonna win the masters?

Dude.Its Ok, Golf Sucks, I Don't Have Anything Against People Who Do Like It, But Lets Face It Some Of Us Don't Like It. I'm Sorry But ITS A BUZZ KILL! lol

To play in the Masters, does one have to pay a fee to play in the tournament?

not alone,

In the game of golf, what does it mean to "play from the tips"?

I love to watch puts me right to sleep. Then I get to spend the whole day sleeping on the couch!

What is the complete history of golf "do not be obnoxious in your anwser!"?


all that land

Looks like land to shelter the homeless to me
if it werent for
Not in my back yard

In golf, what does Index mean?

I don't find it exciting but I like to go to the driving range to relieve stress. It's jut relaxing. I won't go onto a golf course because I know that hitting a ball into the trees and sand a ton of times would just irritate me. Just driving ranges for me.

How do you actually write a stableford golf score?

It's a "sport" for old farts that has been glamorized.

Was Sergie Garcia fined for spitting in the cup? If so how much if not why?

no i hate golf

I broke a leg on my golf bag, does anyone know where I can purchase replacement legs?

I cannot STAND to watch it, but I love to play it. It's relaxing, but fun when you win!! Then you get to go into the country club and drink and brag.

Where can I find the statistics of a Golf Course. (e.g. how many golfers golf there per month/year?)?

I find that people that aren't very good at golf, hate playing it (duh) ... and absolutely hate watching it.

Is anybody have like example of golf professional certificate?

Very dry. Have you ever watched Curling? Even worse than golf. Like needles in my eyes.

I am new to golf so can anyone tell me what the numbers mean on golf Balls, also which is the best to buy?

No I think that golf is the boringest sport in the world but mini golf is fun

Are you dummb?

its a meaningless "sport" i mean who do you compete against? ther is no offesne/ defense like football basketball...even if they put a 350 pound lineman in the way of gettign the ball into the cup...and you can use your club anyway you want...well then THAT would be a sport...

Wasn't it nice to finally see tiger woods get beat in a major?

it's not too bad. although it's not the most action-packed sport, it's not the worst sport out there.

Is 50 strokes the same no matter what the course par is?

It's not a sport, it's a leisure activity, and I hate it too♥

Are class A PGA pros allowed into the Masters for free?

No you are not the only one.
People who watch that crap are losers who wish they were wealthy.

Why the question, "where are the black golfers?" Tiger is not black/black.?


What is the difference between regular golf balls and X-Out balls?

Well you really ought to try out disc golf. Now that is a fun sport.

How do you register on the Tiger Woods Buick Giveaway re - pga tournaments?

It's not my favorite game, either, but if a group of people insisted on playing it and insisted I come along (and most importantly, insisted that THEY pay for the greens fees), I'd go along. It's not exciting, and only people who really enjoy the game can really watch it (whether live or on TV). Depends; I like to watch tennis because I play it from time to time (not well, mind you, but that's beside the point), but some people think it's a crashing bore. I guess you're more interested in watching a sport that you enjoy playing, too, so you're not alone in your distaste for golf.

What is your "Beginner's luck"?Did anything prevent you from following it to conclusion?

It's because it's harder than it looks, and you really need to be in great shape to hit that ball 300 yards like I do. I am in great shape because I work out and eat right, but I'm a golfer, so I have that famous golf tan. Do you find golf tans attractive? I live for the girl who drives the cart selling beer. I want to marry her. I would do anything for her, except give her a tip, because it's my money. Mine.

What do you think about hybird 3 and 4 iron golf clubs?

i respect it for the skill required, but so does mixed martial arts & people get to bleed there! but i don't like it not even miniture golf which i tend to cheat at, & i dont consider it a sport

Who Are You Cheering To Win The British Open?

No. Nine out of ten golfers that I meet on the course repeat, "i hate golf!" after nearly every futile attempt at striking a golf ball.
Golf is similar to a disease. You must have a natural immunity.
Good for you.

Compare titleist pro v1x to titleist pro v1 392?

I cannot stand golf neighter...better u should play with your dog or kat to bring a toy or a ball in your back yard ...more interesting and funny ! Don't worry u have enough time till 60 years ...then u would find this game really exciting but boring friends hehe!

What is the nickname shared by quarterbacks Ken Stabler and Jake Plummer?

OK.. For everyone who says golf is not a sport, why don't you try it, It's hard to be good with out being in good physical condition to keep your balance while swinging a club at 50-130 miles per hour and make good contact with the ball! I find that most people who say that golf is boring, have played it once or twice and didn't put in any effort. It is a very challenging sport. Maybe that's why people play, to challenge themselves. Or because they just like it! Why don't you become better and then you wont hate it so much.

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