Am I hitting a fade and is it good?

My golf ball curves to the left and back to the right going back into the middle. Is this what the definition of a fade is? I have a lesson tomarrow and I want the right vocabulary to discuss with my instructor. Also is a fade like that good? I know that when I hit my driver to get it to become stragiht I have to angle it further up in my swing to get this fade to work. One thing, the ball is actually going good distance, so am I hitting a fade?


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Sounds more like a slice to me. A fade is going from left to right (for right handed players) but it's very slight. A slice is much more pronounced. Most amatuer/beginers have a slice.

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The 1st answer is probably correct, it's most likely a slice. He correctly states that most beginners have a slice...A fade is actually a pretty straight shot with a slight curve to the right. Many top pros hit a slight fade because it's a little easier to control than a draw.

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If you are a left hander, then that is a draw. If you are a right hander then what you have is a fade, as long as the ball strikes the centre of the fairway. If it moves away from centre and ends up way right then you have a slice. A fade is a good shot to develop because, along with a draw, it gives you some flexibility in your shot making.

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Nothing wrong with it. I have a draw when I hit. The best thing is dont change your swing when you get the distance with it. Play the ball the way you hit it...
Your definition is correct on being a fade.. A draw goes out right and goes left.. A Fade is left to right..

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Assuming that you are a right handed golfer what you describe is a Fade. A fade bends from left to right but is not excessive. Were it excessive it would be a slice. A fade is a mini slice but more under control. Ideally it should start straight but the fact it starts left means it is a pull fade or you are just aligning you body improperly. Your hips and shoulder might be open ask you instructor to check you alignment. Is a fade good? If you are happy with you distance a fade can be good it gives up a little distance for more control and a softer landing on the green with less roll. If allows you to get closer to the pin if you are hit consistent distance with you irons. Many "long" players and other great ball striker prefer the fade.

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Definition: "Fade" describes a trajectory or ball flight in which the golf ball comes off the clubface moving to the left of the target before curving gently back to the right (for a right-handed golfer; reverse directions for a left-hander).
The shape of a fade is the same as that of a slice, however, a slice is much more severe in its left-to-right (for right-handers) movement. A slice is the most common problem for recreational golfers. A fade, however, is often a shot played intentionally and is even the preferred ball flight for some of the best golfers in the world (Jack Nicklaus and Ben Hogan, among others, preferred to play a fade).

Also Known As: Cut or cut shot. A ball worked to produce a fade is often called a cut shot.

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Assuming you are right handed that is a fade, if you are left handed its is a draw. I have never really heard of a fade like that but if it isnt a slice you will be fine. A controlled fade is a hard shot to master but if you can use it you can have great success. Everybody wants a draw, but nobody seems to remember that Jack Nickalus played a controlled fade. Ask your instructor what he thinks and he will have you hit a few balls to see what exactly it is, and if there is anything wrong he will fix it, don't worry.

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Yes, but though you have a good distance on driving, the ball still lose a lot of distance, because of your fade shot , the ball will land softly on the fairway and won't row anymore, unless you are using distance balls, such as Dunlop Loco or other two piece balls. On the other hand, if you can do this will the irons, your score must be very good, because the ball can stop on the green quickly because of your fade. Therefore, fade is good for hitting irons, but not for driver.

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Your hitting the ball on the heel of the club

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its a slice a fade starts straight and turns a little right if you are a righty. A fade adds about 10 yards

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