Amateur Turning Pro?

How does an amateur golfer turn pro besides earning their tour card?


Why when Tiger Woods said he didn't consider himself black did the black community abandon him?

The difference in answers here rests on the distinction of being a touring pro and a teaching pro.

I can say I am a professional golfer right now, despite by average score of 90. That just means I will accept money for my golf skills (although, I will win nothing shooting 90s in a tournament!).

For a teaching pro to be certified by the PGA or LPGA (not the PGA TOUR or LPGA Tour...they are different), one needs to pass some certification courses and pass what the PGA call the PAT (Player's Aptitude Test).

So, all these above answers are correct...we just need to know what kind of "pro" you want to be!

Who are the golf pro and the superintendent at the paintsville country club?

First you have to pass the GRE, and then the Bar Exam. Then you submit an editorial essay to the PGA Tour officials on whether or not gay marriage should be legal.

After that they draw names out of a hat.

Good luck!

How do you look up a usga handicap or index number for golfers in the chicago area?

I don't know the exact specifics but I do know that you actually have to go to school and take a written test. A friend of mine has been trying to go pro for five years now, including taking the test, going to the school, seeing a sports psychologist.he hasn't made it. Good luck! (I guess I was more help than the first guy though.)

Is swimming a good exercise to get in shape for golf?

Once an amateur golfer accept money for anything related to golf, they are considered a professional. Even a golfer who cant break 100 who gets a lucky hole in one and wins a car can no longer consider himself an amateur. Basically, the only requirement for becoming a professional golfer is to call yourself a professional golfer. Regaining your amateur status later on is not as easy, you must petition the USGA and wait several months.

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Sign up for a professional event with case prizes and check professional on the application. By doing so you will void your amature status and are thus a professional. See the "Rules of Golf" by the USGA and read the section on amature status.

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