1.In a USGA run golf tournament how many different brands of golf balls are you allowed to use?


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The ones that the USGA has approved.

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I am not entirely sure about the ruling in this case, but to my understanding it is this: The player can use as many different kinds of golf balls as he/she wants during a round, but may not switch in the middle of a hole (i.e. one ball for putting, one for driving, etc.) If the ball is damaged, however, the player may switch with a similar ball or, should one not be available, the player should notify playing partners that they have switched golf balls, as well as notify a rules official, if one is present.

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As far as I know you are only allowed to use one brand of make and modelof balls per round un a USGA sanctioned event. Meaning, if you started the round with a Titleist PRO V1 then you have to use that make and model of ball for the entire round. You also have to have your own identifiable markings on each ball.

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The USGA has a list of approved balls that may be used during the event. You may use what ever ball you want during the round as long it is on the list. You may not change during the play of a hole unless the ball becomes damaged. A scuff mark is not a reason to change. As far as marking your ball it is not required but is encouraged so as to easily identify your ball. At the begging of the event you will give a list of which balls you will be using to an official so they can check their list to make sure they are conforming.

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In tourney play there can be imposed a "One Ball" rule which states:

c. One Ball Condition
If it is desired to prohibit changing brands and types of golf balls during a stipulated round, the following condition is recommended:

“Limitation on Balls Used During Round: (Note to Rule 5-1)
(i) One Ball Condition
During a stipulated round,the balls a player plays must be of the same brand and type as detailed by a single entry on the current List of Conforming Golf Balls.

It is a local rules condition and not applicable everywhere everytime

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