2.Are you allowed to carry more then one putter in your golf bag?


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Under the rules of golf, you can carry as many of any club as you want, as long as you have no more than 14 clubs total in your bag (Rule 4-4).

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yes you can the only rule is that you cant carry more than 14 clubs in your bag

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yes, you are

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14 clubs total that all the rules say! you could have 14 putters if ya wanted ha!


u can totally carry as many as u like... as long as there under 14 in total... stupid rules... i know... lol

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Yes, I play for my high school team, and the question did come up when i went to the first match with two putters. You are allowed to have more than one putter as long as you have no more than fourteen total clubs. I personally use a mallet when off the green and a blade when on the green.

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You COULD carry 12 putters if you wanted but I think I would beat you if you did. 14 clubs total any way you slice it.ha ha or hook it?

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Yes, in fact you can carry 14 putters so long as you don't carry any more clubs than 14.

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you may carry more than one putter if you like as long you stay within the 14 clubs limit. In one tournament Phil play with two drivers, because he opt out one of his club to stay within the 14 clubs limit. So if you want to play with 3 putters that is fine but as long you have 14 clubs in your bag.

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You can carry 14 putters if you want, but I'd hate to see your scorecard.

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yes you are, and some players do depending on the conditions and speed of the greens...the above posters are also correct in the total allowable number of clubs per bag...it doesnt specify what clubs they should be, that is up to the golfer...good luck!

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