Do Golf Clubs ( the driver or 3 wood) deteriorate over time and loses its original capability?

Eg. Ping Clubs 1990 ,


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they absolutely do, unfortunately. now, irons, if you take care of them can go a long, long way. always clean the grooves, and check with a golf shop to see if the club heads haven't been bent back a degree or two over time.

woods, though, seem to lose some pop over extended periods and useage. best example i can give is some demos i've hit with at clubs looking to sell them to beginners. they just feel dead and sometimes the shaft even feels shot...the shaft will be labeled "stiff" but feels like a piece of spaghetti during the swing.

but...if you have some pings that have just been lying around in the garage, they probably hit okay, especially if you have some irons. iron clubheads, like i said, can really last a long, long time, even if the shafts need replacement. just don't let the grooves get rusty/dirty. in fact, some of the older ping irons are considered the best player-improvement irons ever made.

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No but golfers do! I said this to be funny but it is true that as we get older our abilities do decline somewhat.

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I haven't heard of deterioration in a metal wood. There might be damage to the clubface that could affect the bulge and roll of the club. Also there may be dents on the crown or face that could affect performance. Definitely, the grips can deteriorate.

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shafts or metal woods do not deterioate over time. persimmon woods would dry-rot. it is the grips. the guy that said the clubs that said demo on the grip. if u dont change the grips at least once a season. 3 times a season if u play say twice on a weekend. the tape that holds the grips on, dries out and cause the grip to twist or torque the club. cord grips make a shaft play stiffer. and winn grips make a shaft play weaker. also there is no standard for regular or stiff or extra stiff between shaft companies. one companies stiff might be the same flex as another ones regular. remember golf is 90% mental and 10% skill. if u doubt something then u dont have a chance. if u have confidence in something then most of the time u will have great chance of making the shot. this rule apply's to most everything in life. faint heart never wins fair maiden. or if u have doubts or are just plain chicken, not guts, whatever u want to call it.

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Over time YOU as a golfer either become better or worst . Clubs dont have much say as to what will happen on the course .only you dictate the tempo and moment you want the clubs to deliver when you swing that shot . Makes no difference what Clubs you swing with .. Are you in TUNE ? DRIVING RANGE . COM . Visit it more often and you wont care less if your ABOVE the rest .

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