Anybody know any drills to fix a pull with my driver and low irons? I do not have a problem with 5-SW.?

I think I am falling back on my right foot (in correct weight shift) but I cannot stop doing it.


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I had exactly the same problem that you describe here. I bought the Momentus Swing Trainer and began to practice my swing with this training aid and I can say that I have improved my game by far. Last week for first time in my life I had a 320 yards drive in the center of the fairway. It works!
To avoid falling back, narrow your stance and in the downswing try to touch the left knee with your right one. This will put you in a forward movement and in balance.

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try to go to the range and hit a fade with your driver.

then try to slow your swing down and hit the ball no further than 150 yards.

also you can try to ensure that you hold yor finish

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If you are falling back on your right foot, and this isn't occuring with all of your clubs, what are you doing different with the long irons that you do not do with the mid to short irons?

Of course, if you do this with all of your clubs, this probably isn't the problem.

you might try different ball positions.

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