Any tips on keeping my head on the ball during my swing?

I have a nasty habit of lifting my head during my swing


FORE! Who came up with that?

I write marks on my ball; i.e. three red dots, my initial, a cross hair line. I then look or read them when I take my back swing. It helps if you have a far sight. The magic marker I use suppose to stick to all surface, but it came off and stick to my club faces after I hit it. It also good because I then can identify where I hit the ball; middle of the sweet spot or toe it.

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Draw a set of boobies on the ball, and that should cure your habit! Eyes will be focused the whole time. :)

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You are supposed to keep your head on the ball the entiure swing. AS your shoulders rotate back your head naturally move lsightly back, this is fine.

How do you get backspin on approach shots?

Try putting a head-band on with fishing line attached to each side of the head-band, put your head down and look at the ball, run the line down to your nuts and attach fish hooks to the end of your lines. I guarantee you will keep your head down.

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Reasons for Topping

1.When you start taking the club back lifting your body up. This is done by straitening the knees. Try to keep them bent the entire time. The ball is 1.5 inches so it only takes a little movement to cause a top. Here is how you try to prevent this – Take some practice swing hitting something the size of penny. You have to concentrate on it to make sure you hit it. That is the same thing you need to do with the golf ball. You want that concentration to keep you from moving away from the ball.

Just incase I forgot to tell you. You can only think of one thing when swinging the golf club. When working on something, take practice swings working on it. Then when you hit the ball all you can do is worry about hitting the ball just above the ground.

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