Anyone love golf? Favorite club?

I love the pitching wedge and 6 iron.


Does Wie's firing of her caddy show she's on her way to being the typical selfish pro athlete?

You gotta love that driver. But for playability, I'd have to sy the 5-wood and the 7 iron.

How Many Majors Will Tiger Win?

My favorite club is Briarwood Country Club in Scottsdale.

Where can I search for the history of women's golf-i.e. when & where 1st tournament played?

I love my 3 iron. Another club that I love to use when I can is an Adams Tight Lies 5 wood. It is a fairway driver perfect for those long fairway shots.

Has anyone tried the Warrior Golf Company?

Golfing is my sport 4 sure.I feel that it is the Best one in the whole dang world.And my favorite club has got to be my driver.It is the club u always start with 4 1 and It's the 1 club I'm the most accurate with and I only have 4 clubs A driver, 5 iron, a 9 iron, And a putter.My dad won't get me any more than that but even with only 4 clubs I still have a a 13 handicap.

How do i get toledo ohio inverness golf club job information?

I love Golf, 3 Favorite Clubs: Ridgemoor CC Chicago Il, The Rookery Naples, FL, Fiddlers Creek Naples, Fl

If we might choose to take up golfing in retirement what do professional golfers do when they retire?

Mine is my 60 degree lob wedge

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