Any good tips on how to play golf?

I just started to play golf,and I just learned how to swing.Any good tips on that?Like what should do and do not do.


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pay for a series of lessons with a pro...then get fitted for clubs that suit not take tips from your friends, and do not hit clubs that arent fitted to you just because they are the 'top brand...or that so and so plays with them' should be patient with your swing and game and not be too in a rush to get a lot better sooner than is reasonable...remember its a game, and having fun is what playing games is all about...and by all means...score yourself fairly, count all strokes...good luck and have fun!

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Get professional help. Don't try to teach yourself or you will get a bunch of bad habits that will be impossible to break

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I don't really recommend spending a bunch of money on professional help until you understand the basics of a swing. If you have some friends or a relative who has been playing, talk to them first.

However, don't let them try to mold your swing since they probably don't know enough to help. Just get to where you understand your weight transfer, hip turn, and the standard sequence of a swing (arms, legs, legs, arms). Meaning, your backswing starts with your arms which will in turn pull your lower body to your coiled position at the top of your swing. Then your downswing will do just the opposite as your legs and hips will uncoil first, generating over 70 percent of the power in your swing and pulling your upper body through impact.

Maybe just to start out, don't try taking a full swing. Maybe try like an 80 percent swing just to get you used to making decent contact. Once you have the feel of where your arms will be at impact, you can work on generating your real power.

I could go on and on but I don't want to overload you with too much information. Trial and error is how I learned and I play to about a 4 handicap today.

Good Luck.

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I would said, go to the book store and find you a golf book explaining you the basic about golf (ex: how to hold the club in your fingers, set up, stance, etc). Noodles use to give free DVD on golf (golf for dummies, that is the name of the DVD...not you..OK) when you buy a dozen of golf balls.

Read over the book and watch the DVD, while you sitting watching tv, you can practice your gripping the golf club and grip pressure. This work for me when I work on my grip pressure. Hold the club in my fingers, extend my arms out in front of me (with the club head pointing at the wall) slowly bring the club head up (the club head should be pointing at the ceiling) at this point you should feel the weight of the club head. If you don't feel the weight, then your grip is to tight. Once you're able to feel the weight of the club head that is the right amount of press you need to grip the club. Listen to your instructor and ask many questions while you're there with him. And practice, practice, practice, and be patience with yourself. Most of all have fun!!! Good luck

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Take a group lesson, it's affordable and fun. They will go over all the basics - from tee to green.

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if you already have an instructor, he/she should provide you w/ all the tips and information to get you hitting the ball long and straight. however if ur really passionate about the game and have alot of determination to become a good golfer, u can help yourself get better faster by learning and training on your own time. i personally like to do a lil work out to strengthen my muscle memory in my hips/shoulders turns. stronger the muscle memory, easier ur swing becomes repetitive. i use the free weight machine(cables) to imitate my golf turns and add on however much weight u can handle. do 3 reps of 15 or so and u can feel the burning on ur side. another good way to learn is to buy dvds/videos. there are many professional instructors w/ their own such as butch harmon(former tiger woods instructor) and dave pelz. its pretty much the same thing ur instructor would be teaching you but in their own format and sometimes their way might be more sense to you than your current teacher. those might assist you to learn the swing but nothing makes you a better golfer than to practice, actually hitting the ball, either on the course or on the mats. once you think you hit enough golf balls, hit some more and by some point, u'll start to feel ur swing and tempo then u can build from there. dont expect to see dramatic improvements overnight, its an extremely difficult game to learn, have lots of patience and fun, u'll need it! hope this helped and good luck!

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Well seems you have taken the first step and gotten a pro lesson, if possible take lessons from a PGA pro. The few I have gone to have been very pleasant and very helpful. I would focus about 70-80% of your practice to the short game..chipping/pitching, and esp putting. These shots are what the game is really about. People get too wraped up in how far they can hit the ball. If you focus in on these shots and your scores will drop quite a bit.

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