A "Fantasy" question for you to think about.?

Question:If Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Jack Nicholas and Arnold Palmer all were born on the same day and each played golf with the same equipment and each had the same opportunities to master the game, which would be the better golfer?
Would any of them had overwhelming success over the other four?


Can someone tell me what is meant by putt and what is meant by birdie in golf terminology?

I think it would be Jack and Tiger hands down. I've read about Hogan's putting struggles and Palmer's blow-up when he lost like a 8 shot lead on the final round of the US Open. Tiger and Jack just don't have any stories like that. The majors that Jack finished second in were times when his opponent blitzed the field and Tiger has never lost after leading for three rounds. So if it were down to these five guys in a major it would be Tiger and Jack separating themselves from the field setting up an epic Sunday battle. In the end, it would come down to something like Tiger chipping in for birdie from just off the green on 18 as Jack sits 15 feet from the hole with his birdie chance to tie. So flip a coin as to whether he makes it or not.

Funniest golf video?

I think tiger would have better success because he is in better shape as an athlete

Does the sky caddie( golf tool ) work for every single course in the country?

Alabama and auburn are no good.....go UAB or NU

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