All of you golfers out there...?

What is you're favorite golf ball to use? Do you even care what kind you use? Also, what set of irons do you have? I'm just wondering what other brands people use.


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When I practice, I almost don't care what kind of golf balls I use. When I play, I want a good three piece ball, I like the results I have gotten a bit better than two piece balls. (although the result during practice can be aggravating when I don't use three piece balls). As for irons, I don't have a complete set now (messed up left forearm/wrist made me alter which side I play from from right to left - hitting solidly, working on distance, control is a little worse, working on that too), but I am picky about the brand of clubs I would be willing to play. I like the callaway X-16 pro series (have a right handed X-16 pro and a left handed X-16), haven't tried the X or X-18 yet, and I like the Nike NDS and the TW line of clubs. I liked the Ben Hogan clubs that I demoed at a club show, and I like the Hogan Riviera GW that I currently have. The Mizuno MP-37 felt great too, but no other set that I tried did from them. I did like a couple of the oilcan wedges made by Titleist, the Vokey, and from Cleveland.

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I dont' really have a favourite golf ball, but I do use Fairway irons. To me, the weight balance of those clubs are terrific compared to other brands that I've tried.

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most guys i know use callaway,callaway irons too,i use like a lady precept,it doesnt matter to much to me

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callaway is my favorite. It has new hexagon-shaped dimples instead of cicles which gives more distance and control. Also, callaway is a well-known brand and has a great reputation.

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no. not me.

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probably the pros answer would be that it doesnt matter what u use its how u use it...but that not really true! Im a 9 handicapper i find nothings better than the titleist pro v1 ball or the callaway hx tour balls r ok 2 i use callaway big bertha irons (pw-4i) and a titleist vokey 56 degree wedge!
Hope this helps

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I play Nike golf balls and Callaway X-14. I have demoed the 18's but didn't notice any real change in distance or feel so haven't traded up.


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I like Titleist any kind they make. I use callaway big bertha '04 irons

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i like the Bridgestone E6 balls. I play Calloway Irons and Taylor made Driver and fairway woods. The funny thing about golf it is all about personal opinion on what you like. Everybodies swing and game are different so you have to pick what works best for your game and what looks nice at set up for you. Try different clubs until you find something that catches your eye.

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i dont have a favorite ball. i mainly use Nike Mojo's and Noodle Ice's. I do care what i use. there are some balls out there that dont do it for me. i always mess up when i use them. my irons are Callaway Big Bertha's. The're ok but hey, they work.

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Playing for about 12 years now I am a 3 handicap , I use Titleist ProV1X golfballs and Titleist 690MB irons .

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