200 yards? NO WAY!?

My dad wants me to hit 200 yards. But I cant do it. So he asks me did you hit to 200 yards? I say no. I want to make him proud of me. I think that theres something wrong with my swing. Do you have any tips to how to help me hit the ball farther?


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"But I cant do it."
You've already doubted yourself, so you are already letting more than just you dad down. Change your attitude, try again.

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Yes, you aren't supposed to be using your PUTTER to drive the ball!

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What are you using??

If your using a driver, then you have to work on your back swing, If your right handed and hit like most golfers then make sure on your downswing you aren't using too much left hand, all the power should come from your right arm. That's what drives the ball accurate and further.

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Practice . and club head speed .. some just have a driver that has been hollowed out and filled with lead ... this will strengthen the proper muscles ... but you still need to practice with a regular club too.

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Don't try to hit 200. You might be trying to KILL the ball and not getting the full effect of your swing. If you are hitting straight and true, your distance will come as you get better. Killing the ball only makes your swing more unorthodox and less accurate.

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a golf swing has nothing to do with power! you want to get the good part of the club on the ball! Make sure you are going all of the way back on your backswing and following through! If you doing that and you still can't get to 200 then worry about hitting straight!! Yeah I can hit the ball 280 to 300 but sometimes its goes in the woods! :)

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Ok... 200 yards... Well, first of all its going to take some practice. And a driver or a wood. What club are you using? If you want to hit 200 yrds... Go for Big Bertha. When you hit the ball position yourself so that your front foot is about an inch ahead of the tee. Most people leave the tee in between their feet.

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surf-jayme is wrong. if your right handed all your power should be coming from your left arm, as a practice and warm up tool i swing a club with ONLY my left arm. make sure u let the club do the work. dont swing too hard sjut swing smooth. kinda feel like the club is falling as your back wing, not really like its being pulled. also try to get both shoulders to go under your chin smoothly.

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Tell your dad to chill and just have fun.

Question for teaching pro or very experienced players?

He's got to realize that being a girl, not saying girls aren't good at golf, it's a lot harder to hit the ball 200 yards.

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