Longest golf drive competition. where is it?

Please provide web sites that details past years competitions.


What is golf?

In US, but you will have to drive over 370 yards to win the tournament.

What Club did Tiger Woods used to play with the Ball on the Nike Commercial?

In the sport of professional long drive, the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship is the red carpet event.

It's the Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Golden Globe, all rolled up into one Gargantuan show.

In a word, it's huge.

The RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship brings together an international field of golf's biggest hitters. It offers long drive's largest purse, $500,000, and pays the open division champion a cool $125K.

The RE/MAX WLDC in scenic Mesquite, Nevada is where long drive careers are launched and reputations are made.

Winning a RE/MAX world title is the dream of every golfer who's ever swung a driver so hard and fast that he or she came off their feet and almost out of their shoes.

It's been said that to be the best, you have to beat the best. Anyone interested in beating the best long drivers knows where to find them -- at the RE/MAX world finals.

Come join the party in Mesquite. We'll see you on the tee.

2006 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship

Prize Money Breakdown


1st $ 125,000.00

2nd $ 45,000.00

3rd $ 30,000.00

4th $ 23,000.00

5th $ 18,000.00

6th $ 12,000.00

7th - 12th $ 7,000.00

13th - 24th $ 4,000.00


1st $35,000.00

2nd $14,000.00

3rd $ 8,500.00

4th $ 6,500.00

5th $ 5,500.00

6th $ 4,500.00

7th - 12th $ 3,000.00


1st $14,000.00

2nd $ 5,000.00

3rd $ 4,000.00

4th $ 3,500.00

5th $ 2,500.00

6th $ 1,500.00


1st $ 14,000.00

2nd $ 5,500.00

3rd $ 4,000.00

4th $ 2,650.00

5th $ 2,100.00

6th – 10th $ 1,200.00

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