Any forged irons users?

i've been thinking of changing my irons to some forged. i've been playing cast irons pretty much all my life. i've recently played w/ the mizuno mp30's and they just have such a cleaner feel on impact and i love how it adds a lil more spin. i normally shuffle between taylor made lts and titleist 981's. they are both decent clubs but i felt a big difference w/ the mp30's.. i've seen ppl on the course who have some of the newer model forged irons like the mizuno mp 33's, but are completely thrashed, dings everywhere, even rust spots.. i've also seen ppl who have kept their clubs still shining but it takes them wiping the club down after every shot, using iron covers and cleaning it after each round. pls tell me how u guys maintain ur irons. is it a pain in the butt to keep em clean? do u really have to clean it after each round? u think its worth all that extra effort to have forged clubs? do u guys feel a big difference between cast and forged irons?


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To keep forged irons clean and in good condition, buy your self a decent set of head covers, if your club gets mud on it wipe it after the shot and clean out the groves every week, this way it will look like you have a new set of irons every week. There is one thing you cannot avoid, if you hit a stone it stands a good chance of marking it, so really take care on what lies you hit them from.
Also a good thing to do is make sure the grips grip, when you take your clubs home take them out of your bag, let the air get to them, and just with a normal yale key rub hard up and down you the grips become rough, this will get rid of all the dirt and sweat from the clubs so you don't have to re-grip them as often, you only need to re-grip after they are worn.

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I have a set of TaylorMade TP MB forged blades, and it is not particularly hard to take care of them. I don't have headcovers for them, although I do keep them clean while I play for the most part, although I don't have to as they have a nickel finish that makes them fairly resistant to dings and rust. I'll take them out of the bag and really clean them about once a month. If you really want your sticks to look good for a long time though, you should take care of them.
There is a slight difference between forged and cast irons as far as feel goes; forged irons will feel slight 'softer' and cleaner on center hits, due to the makeup of the metal at the molecular level being more structurally compact than cast, also the small air bubbles in cast clubs can affect feel slightly as well. Cast metal is also less mailable and harder to bend if you need to make major lie or loft adjustments.
All that being said I don't think there is a huge difference when it comes down to it between cast and forged. I have alternated back and forth between cast and forged heads through several sets in my golfing career, going with the club that worked for me best rather than whether it was forged or not.

hope this helps, good luck and happy golfing!

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You need to hit them first before you make up your mind. Don't worry about the upkeep just make sure you can hit them and like the feel first

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well, anyone that puts covers on their irons. u can beat them. and its called bag chatter. the more u have, and the face is still good the better they play. they are about one club longer per club if u hit them in the sweet spot. if u miss by a 1/8th of an inch they are a club shorter than ur cast club. mishits are no way close to a set of cavity backs. that said. i am a single digit handicap. i have 3 sets of ben hogan apex. and one set of titleist forged irons. i also have one set of becu pings and one set of stainless steel pings. i can only play with cavity backs for so long then i get into bad habits that "i call get away with slop" so i always go back. i love that butter feel. buy a cheap old set and practice with them and play ur cavity backs.

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Well for starters I would suggest going to a local golf course with a reputable pro and get fitted for your irons. It was the smartest thing I've ever done. I originally got custom fitted for Titleist 962's in the late 90's. The mental aspect of thinking "these clubs are built just for me and based on my swing characteristics" was huge for me. Then I switched to Titleist 690MB with Project X 6.5 shafts two seasons ago. Man what a difference. The feeling of hitting a forged muscle back on the sweet spot is pure heaven. The ball explodes off the clubface and soars for what seems to be forever. They're also so much easier to hit out of the rough. Slices right through the rough like it was butter. As for the cleaning aspect of my forged irons, I clean them after every round. That's the only way to ensure that they last long. I just get some hot water and wash the clubfaces down and make sure there's no dirt in the grooves. I try not to get water above the actual iron itself. I also clean by wedges, woods, putter and shoes after each round. Once you do it a couple of times it just becomes a habit and you don't even think about the time you put in cleaning your equipment.

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