Any body know, how golf is played...can anybody explain me?


Apartment at Ryder Cup Village, K Club for rent with tickets?

You attempt to direct a small white ball into a small hole with implements ill suited to this purpose.

Why is golf so boring to watch?

Golf is a leisurely afternoon walk ruined by a little white ball.

Will a golf club with a graphite shaft hit the ball farther than a steel shaft?

1 u take a club
2 u place the ball on the ground
3 Then u hit the ball into the hole offense, just playing around, really, i dont know...

Why a person should play golf.?

Yeah, there are 18 should take 72 strokes on average to finish...72 is called par...some holes are rated as 4 stroke if you are on par it took you 4 strokes to sink the ball...if it takes you one more to accomplish it it's a less is a birdie and two less is an eagle.

Can you just join the highschool golf team or you have to tryout?

First you have to acquire the equipment to start playing golf. Needed equipment is a golf club and a golf ball. With the golf club you have to hit the golf ball and you have to hole out this golf ball in a designated hole. You start by hitting the golf ball in a tee mound until you reach the green when the hole is located. Golf is played on a hole to hole basis and once you have holed out, it means you have finished playing that hole. There are 18 holes in the golf course and you have to be hitting the golf balls and hole out the golf balls in the 18 holes to complete a round of golf or you can just play 9 holes.

Where should i ply a round of golf in myrtle beach sc?

You get golf clubs through them on a cart drive around to holes and get out at the tee boxes tee a ball up and hit it onto the green and putt it inot the hole.

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