Anyone know of a golfer by the name of Craig Orr (History of golf)?

Supposily he was a professional golfer. He grew up in Scotland but moved to(Bristol)England as a golf instructor. I can find no record of his achievements.


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Do you mean Gary Orr, he is a Scottish golfer, he won events on the European Tour a few years ago, but where he moved to I couldn't tell you.

did a bit more digging and found this link if this is the person you were thinking of

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No I don't

How fast does a golf ball travel?

that's a tough one:

Results 1 - 10 of about 1,770,000 for Craig Orr

none of them seems to be what you're looking for ...

Why is Golf called 'Golf'?

this is all i could find

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Craig Orr never lived up to his potential.

Why aren't the grips on all of the clubs flat on the face?

I think you mean Gary Orr

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