A stupid golf equipment question, please read on?

Question:Ok so I've been starting to play a lot of golf lately and I bought some golf clubs. On the shaft of the clubs are some stickers also a couple on the head as well. They are either stickers of the brand or just a serial registration tag. Do we have to remove these stickers? Does leaving them on effect the flight of the ball? I know the simple answer is to "remove it" last time i did that it left a nasty looking sticky thing behind.


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ones on the head you can remove. the ones on the shafts are most likely brand stickers that show the make and flex of the current shaft. ones on the shaft won't do much to affect ball flight and neither will the ones on the heads. however you WILL look like a rookie if you have the stickers on your head. Goo-Gone works well to get rid of the sticky gunk.

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Remove it, and remove the "sticky stuff" with either GooGone (a citrus based remover) or lighter fluid.


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You can remove them and wash that area with some soap and warm water. Leaving them on doesn't affect anything.

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Rubbing alcohol usually removes the sticky left behind after you remove a sticker.

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It is a personal preference. If the sticker is not on the face of the club, it will have no impact on the ball whatsoever. So if you want to take it off thats fine. If you dont' want the sticky stuff just soak the shaft with soap water via a sponge and the sticker should come off clean.

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You can take off the stickers. There is no need for them, they will not effect the ball at all. Just use some type of adhesive remover afterwards. They sell adhesive remover wipes in any pharmacy. (Like little alcohol swabs) My grandmother always uses mayonaise to take off sticker gunk.

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do whatever you want. stickers do not effect your game, unless they are on the face of the club.

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