Any tips and suggestions for buying a new set of golf clubs?

I am a golf neophyte and am looking to take up the sport. Any tips or suggestions for picking out and buying an inexpensive set of clubs would be great!


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Big E., the first thing to remember is don't be taken in by all the ads about longest, straightest, etc., go to your local golf shop and talk to the salesmen there who can analyze your swing, measure your arm length, grip, etc and build a set around your needs. If you start off with bad clubs you can form bad habits which will ruin your game, start off with good (that does not mean expensive) clubs, get lessons and you will enjoy the game a lot more.

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I would suggest going to a driving range and testing any set of golf clubs before you buy them. Do not buy a set of golf clubs before testing them to see if you can hit them. If they will not let you, then do not buy them.

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Buy used, and hit a lot of different clubs in the try out area. When you find the one that fits, it'll just zing.

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The more expancive the clubs the better they are

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i recommend going around to golf shops and trying out a few sets to see what you like in a set of irons and a set of woods.

you will want to mainly decide what type of shaft you want, graphite or steel

go on ebay and look for a deal, i bought a whole set of Ram brand clubs(both woods and irons) for about $125 bucks!!!

Clubs are cheap on ebay and it is a great place to shop if you know what you want.

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Look on Ebay,a set of Wilson or the like will get you started for about a hundred dollars!

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My two main tips:
1. Your new golf clubs have to suit your golf play and the goals your set;
2. They have to fit your budget of course.
I'm not sure Big E if your are a man or a women. But actually that doesn't really matter. The checklists I use for picking out golf clubs are at .
They are meant for lady golf clubs, but I think you can adapt most tips to male players.

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these pro shop have a lot of trade in check them out

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