Anybody know of a david smith, a fork lift driver from folkstone?

david is an ex Grenadier Guard 1962-71


Does anyone have any good suggestions about how i can improve my golf game quickly?

You mean 'Folkestone/Kent/UK England. That's where I live...I could walk all over town asking for a forklift driver who's name is David Smith. If I find him i'll let you know..

What should I do to improve my golf swing due to extreme slicing?

No sorry

New to golf?


Do you kNOW How 2 play GOlF?

yea i think he is related to richard smith the spoon lift driver from clanrock

Do people buy used golf balls?

yeah see him all the time

What is a great gift for a golfer under $500?

Nope, what's his handicap?

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