Can anyone explain to me why I always seem to play the front nine better then the back nine on any course?

Just the other day, 8 over on the front and 21 over on the back.


Why are women allowed to wear shorts on a golf course and men cannot?

Stamina -- your muscles give out on you.

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I don't know anything about golf. But, the front is played first?

Just like any sport I imagine that you're getting physically tired and not as precise with your swing. 2--After the first nine holes your concentration is suffering.

What Are Some Of The Standard Things Golf Caddys Do?

It's simple - you have more energy in the front nine than in the back nine. In one word - stamina. This isn't something that is very hard to figure out. If you begin working out more and doing resistance training you should be able to build your stamina over time.

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Because on the front nine you are still pretty fresh and are playing at your top performance. By the time you get to the back nine, you are probably getting tired.

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because in the beginning you are more relaxed and playing more from muscle memory later in the day you get in your head more and start analyzing your play and also you may be getting a little fatigued and your form and swing my tend to get a bit sloppy

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try playing the back 9 first and then see how it goes.

What is the distance of each golf club?

Assuming you are less than 60 years old, my answer is you are out of shape.

Even pro's perform better on the back nine after getting in better shape the best case in point is david duval. (he is injured now).

If you are in good health and get in shape with running and some other cardio than you will easily have the stamina with playing 18 holes.

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Several reasons. One may be fatigue. Two is that most courses have a more difficult back nine.

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Well, fatigue seems to be the popular answer here, and more than likely it plays a part in your trend downward on the back. However, I will offer another possibility based on how I play myself.

I am in very good shape and walk eighteen at least every Saturday and Sunday. My swing does get a little tired and lazy toward the end of the round, but my biggest problem is not getting tired it is trying to hit bigger. I hit some good shots on the front and get a par or two and maybe a birdie and then I try to hit bigger and better shots. In other words, I get a little cocky and think I am better than I really am and try to play harder shots that I should not be playing and my course management goes out the window.

Try playing within your limitations, don't try shots you know you won't make more than fifty percent of the time. And definitely do not try to hit with the "big boys" or good golfers you may play with. Face the fact that they are better than you and play your game not their's. You will play better and improve faster in the long run.

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You might just be tired physically. If you aren't generally active and suddenly walk a course for 4 hours with a bag on your back it can be draining. Also, you might be losing your focus. I know that I need to mentally re-feul at around the 12th or 13th hole to keep me going and really make sure that I'm hitting each shot on the final holes with the same commitment I hit my first few shots when I started. Also, depending on your handicap, you might be getting over excited and/or nervous if you're playing the front 9 better than usual. If that's the case, just try to relax and trust that the back 9 will be just as good as the front. Nothing has changed, it's still the same guy hitting the ball with the same swing, so there is no reason for such a drastic change between two 9's.

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You get tired and a lot of courses are longer on the back.

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