Golf - Drivers?

I am looking for a new driver. Can you help by telling me what's out there and at a reasonable price?


I have a theory that at any given time, 90% of the players on the course are mad. why do we play?

I would reccommend the Nike Sasquatch. The club has a large sweet spot and allows for accurated mis-hits. I got mine from Golfsmith for 180$. It hits like a 400 dollar club. Just a suggestion but I would go with the Sasquatch from Golfsmith.

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Um... What is a reasonable price all the drivers on the market start around $299.99 and go up from there. WhatI have found in my experience if you are going to spend the money go someplace and get last years driver but get it custom fit. This will save on cost and get you something that is meant for you. But, if you want the latest and greatest the Nike Sasquatch Sumo is $299.99.
TaylorMade R7 Superquad $399.99
Ping Rapture $429.99
Cleveland Hibore XL $399.99

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I've been shopping for woods and irons on e-bay for 2 years. You always get the best deals in the online auctions..Lots of New clubs at atleast 20-60% savings. Do your homework and watch the prices for a couple weeks befor you make any bids. Only bid with retailers that use paypal and have atleast a 95% positive feed back or better.And I recommend going to your local golf retailer and swinging all the drivers before you make a purchase. Most golf stores have a practice net and balls so you can try out clubs before you buy them..Shafts are also a big part of your driver, you need to know what shaft you should have and a retailer can tell by your swing speed and your playing ability. I just bought a new Cleveland Hi-Bore with a regular Fujikara shaft for a 150$ online. They are 200-300$ in the store.

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before you spend 300 to 400 dollars for a new driver please go to a demo day at a golf course near you, make sure that they have a launch monitor..this launch monitor will tell you what shaft and what degree of loft you need to provide you with the proper just might get lucky and only need a change of shafts...a really good shaft only costs between 80 and 100 dollars, they will give you a prescription as to what you need. this is a free service.

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Ping G5 $300. I don't recommend the Rapture b/c it seemed heavy and ball didn't have same bounce off club like G5. But to really tell what you want, go to a pro shop and demo several different clubs and take them to the range. You could use a launch monitor if they don't let you take the clubs.

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The best driver I have ever hit is a Cleveland Hi-bore. You can get them for 125.00 to 199.00. There is also a Hi-bore XL, but they are 399.00.

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OK want to actually hit the club to know what feels best in your hands...that will take going to a golf retailer with a launch monitor or your local custom/repair golf shop...then you should demo them at a golf course or play a round with them if possible...then it would be ok to order the club you liked best, with the same shaft you hit...either in a shop or online...the best online shop Ive used for pre owned clubs is is a short term period allowed for testing, and satisfaction is guaranteed...if youre not happy you get a credit to use at the site after sending the clubs back, which has lots of golf equipment... you should be able to buy last years model drivers at a fraction of their retail cost...sometimes less than half, even some with upgraded get your swing checked...hit some different clubs, check your used golf club resources (retail shop trade in sections, or custom/repair shops (which always have used clubs) in your area...and then make the purchase based on your best judgment...not someone elses...good luck!

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