How many of you can hit a golf ball over 300+ yards!?

i hit my first the other day i have been close before but not much this one was clearly about 325 yards. tell my your story how was it best one gets 10 points!


Does anyone know where u can find out how much sport cards r worth?

I have driven 300+ once I drove it right onto the fringe of a 330 yard hole. Then managed to chip it in from there for an eagle it was amazing. But my best highlight ever was on a 177 yard par three of a pennisula green (water on 3 sides of green), it is a beautiful course and this hole is usually my nemisis, but this time I hit a perfect shot with four witnesses it was straight at the flag and I knew it was a good shot, it hit about three feet in front of the pin, rolled and then disappeared. Everyone there was like "Dude I think it went in!" I was like, "No way it probably rolled off the back of the green or something." Then I walked up to the green and pulled it out the hole for a hole in one. Wow, amazing. I managed to have a decent round shooting 84 for 18 on a par 72 course which for me is a really good round since I usually only shoot in the mid 90's, but I will never forget the shot, I got into the paper and had my name put onto a plaque there it was sweet.

Are the Ping G5 clubs worth the money?

Not me, you win.

Golf - Stroke play 18 holes - can you retake a putt to practice on a green you have already played?

I can't golf :( my boobs get in the way. But(!) I can mini golf with the best of them.

Is Tom Wargo still golfing?

Pelican Hill in So Cal. Beautiful course...right on the water. Right before closing it for renovations. Par 4 hole. I blasted it about 300 yards then chipped it onto the green with a 9 iron. 20 feet from the hole I had my birdie opportunity and blew it. But otherwise it was a very memorable hole!

No distance on my wedges?

not I says Bogeyman

When ever I try to use a Sand Wedge, I screw up my shot!?

I once drove a green that was 315 yards long but then 3 putted for par. Sad, I know.

I am a 62 year old golfer who plays 2 or 3 rounds a week. Yesterday, on The 12 th tee I noted a sharp pain?

I once drove a ball 305 yards and got a free bucket of balls for dinging the bell.

Is there a simple formula for calculating golf averages?

T latest results about golfers said the average golfer over states driving distance on average by 30 yards

Golf 20/20

Can anyone tell me if I can watch the US Masters on Italian, French or German TV?

15 yrs old and a 310 yard drive. Not bad goin i hav 2 say.

On GRAW 1 how do you get pat the sniper part where you are on a loft and you have to protect General Martin?

I can. Not always but sometimes

Same distance on all clubs?

on a par 5 hole in my state, i had real trouble hitting the ball because of the wind there, so i chose my Callaway driver, the big bertha titanium 454, and hit the ball extra hard to get it flying. i thought the ball went into the water but it didnt and when i measured, the ball was exactly 317 yards away. i eventually birdied the ball from a deep bunker using a sand wedge. the ball rolled towards the hole then past it but hit a hill and rolled back down into the hole! i finished the day with a 10 under par.

Is it legal to putt like happy gilmore in golf?

I consistently hit a golf ball over 300 yards. Presently I use a Cleveland 460 10.5 degree driver. The clubs today are so much more spectacular than even 10 years ago. The balls go straighter and the clubs are so much more forgiving. Key to hitting a long ball is smooth take away to the top of the swing allowing the wrists to * and then releasing the wrists half way down to the ball an finish high and balanced on the left foot (if you are right handed). Tiger woods swings the club at between 140 and 150 mph, my swing speed is around 100 mph.

What is a good average score for a woman golfer?

A club pro told me that you need the clubhead speed of 140mph to be able to hit a ball 300+ yards. As for me, I am pretty long with irons, but can not hit the driver over 270, unless I have the wind behind me (strong one), and I tee the ball up high, and I connect it solid... then I can drive it... but that's a lot of if's.

Anyone knows any Arabic terms for the sport of Golf ?

Show me the way!

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