3 ball scramble. HOW IS IT PLAYED?

We 3 are to play this weekend but are unsure of the rules. one person says that we all tee off and then we all take our second shot from where the best tee shot landed and so on. I think it is that we all tee off but take turns taking the next shot using the best tee shot. can anyone tell us the correct rules


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johnny G - You and your partners will all hit a tee ball, and then all three of you will hit your next shot from where the best tee shot landed, you do the same thing for each successive shot. All three of you get a chance to play every shot from where the best shot ended up until the ball is holed out. I've played in tons of scrambles have fun this weekend!

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Brent F is 100% correct. Your second scenario describes some form of alternate shots which I have never heard of in a scramble.

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Very easy, scramble means all players on the team hit off the tee, you then decide which of the three shots is best and you pick up the other two. You repeat the process until in the hole. A key factor in scramble golf is to swallow your pride and be able to take another shot if you think yours is best, it's what is best for the team. Also the order of hitting is pretty important, off the tee you should have the most consistent person hit first and get a shot safely in the fairway, then your big hitters can try to launch one out there. On the putting green, work as a team to try to figure out the break and watch other putts. It's a fun format, you'll have fun.

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