Although I'm an amateur how can i get a golf club manufacturer 2 sponsor me(no money involved)?

and yes i'm a junior golfer with a somewhat good resume.


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That's tough! Manufacturers sponsor golfers who besides having good standing but also provides a good future in the exposure of their equipments (e.g. Michelle Wie). If you're an amateur golfer and has a promise of becoming the new Tiger or the new Annika - you might find manufacturers knocking at your doorsteps soon!

I don't want to become a golf widow!!?

A "somewhat good" golf resume is probably not enough to get a manufacturer to sponser you (meaning give you free golf equipment). Read the rules of golf concerning amature status. Be sure that you don't violate those rules or else you could/will be considered ineligible for competition in USGA events and even high school competition.

To catch the attention of manufacturers you need an OUTSTANDING golf resume.

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