A golf question for you to answer if you want to.?

Why does so many people think that Golf is such a boring sport. I mean watching it on TV isn't exciting at all i'll give you that but once you go out on the Golf course it is a totally different story.


I am looking to buy a pair of Union Jack Trousers like the golfer had on in 2004?

All golfer or most golfers will tell you the same thing. Before they started playing golf they never thought they would play it. I guess you can say you have to try it to know if you like it or not. Now if you have some friends that would like to try, tell them to check out www.playgolfamerica.com They have some great programs for beginners at local golf courses. Link Up 2 Golf is the best. They do not need to but clubs. May they can sign up for a free golf lesson to try it out.

Golf clubs?

because most people have not played it, they have only seen it on TV, and they are afraid to try new things.

Where is a good golf equipment store in Tampa?

Just like what acuradude32 said, most people have not tried golf so they think it is boring.

Dream par 3, 4, and 5 to play?

It is one of the few ball games where you cannot hit a moving ball. That bloody little white round thing that has a mind of its own, goes where it likes, does nothing that you tell or ask it politely to do. It drives you mad. If you let it:

Golf is a game, that men love to hate,
You needed a four, but you just got an eight,
Your best score has stood now, for ten years or more,
It’s unlikely you’ll ever beat that eighty-four.

You finished the ninth hole, on a good thirty-nine,
You’re swinging like Tiger, you’re putting is fine.
You’re knocking in pars and a birdie or two,
But the big number ten is still waiting for you.

Now don’t get excited, this could be your day,
Just keep yourself calm and continue to play.
But don’t get too cocky, or blasé or bland,
Or you might get a shock, if you land in the sand.

You’ve now played the twelfth, and you’re still doing fine,
Your worst score is six, there’s no sign of a nine,
But disaster awaits you, around the dogleg,
‘Will you get off your knees, there’s no need to beg’.

You scuttled the ball out from under the tree,
Then gave it your finest, ‘twas magic to see.
From the edge of the green, you made a fine chip,
But alas it’s a pity, it hung on the lip.

The last holes are easy, ‘I blinkingwell know’,
You’re under great pressure, but don’t let it show.
You turn over your wrist, you’re now in the mud,
You’re not giving up, but your friends think you should.

Just calm yourself down now, you still have a chance,
Check your direction, correct that wide stance,
The last hole’s a par four, it should be a three,
The word’s reached the clubhouse, they’re all out to see.

So you take a slow swing, ‘Was that an air-shot’?
With all of them watching, you’re sure to get caught,
You swing with the five wood, the ball is in flight,
‘My God, where’s it going, no, not to the right’.

You make your way to it, it’s not easy to see,
You now know the reason, it’s behind the oak tree.
You chip to the left, to get a clean wedge,
‘My God, where’s it gone now, straight into the hedge’.

You’ve taken a drop, you’re now playing it sweet,
‘Now where is the blaggard’, ‘It’s still at your feet’.
You slash at the ball blind, you’re temper is up,
‘Oh Mother of God, its straight into the cup’.

You’ve missed your best score, merely by two,
Some so-and-so wished it, he must detest you.
So cheer up, you golfer, forget all your sorrow,
Today - it is over, there’s always tomorrow.


HOw much money did the women golfers earn at the LPGA US OPEN for 2006?

they dont know what there missing once u played it theres no where else you would rather be than on a golf course wicked luv golf such a relaxing sport dont diss it till you try it

How much money would you pay to play a round of golf with Tiger Woods?

You either have a passion for the game or you don't. People that say that obviously do not have that passion. The way I see it, it's their loss.

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