All right golf buffs. How do you play your tee shot on windy days? Do you play the next club up to the hole?


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If the wind is blowing in your face, play the ball back in your stance ( everything but driver). In effect what you want is a punch shot that will not go high. You want it to stay low and bore through the wind. and get alot of roll.

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It depends on whether the wind is blowing with or against the direction of your shot.

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play the ball for a low penetrating shot to keep it out of the wind and to increase your accuracy

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i usually hit 3 wood or 2 iron, sometimes 5 wood. i take a half swing . thats if the wind is in my face. if it's going towards the fairway i grab the driver, tee er high and let er fly! when hitting into the wind i also tee it low and in the middle of my stance

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i bring two driver an 8 degree into the wind and a 11 degree with the win sometime I will go one or two club

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Swing easier and try to make more consistent contact because the wind will magnify any side spin. If you're hitting downwind you don't need to swing hard. If you're hitting upwind, you better hit it straight. If you're hitting crosswind, aim slightly into the wind.

It depends on how long the hole is as and which direction the wind is blowing to whether or not you can hit to the hole.

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