Am I the only person.?

Question:.on in the golf category that is tired of seeing questions about Tiger Woods? I mean, when he was first becoming popular... yea it was fun to talk about him and follow him. But now, its like everyone is talking about him and everyone wants to know everything. It is getting kinda annoying because... he is a great golfer but, there are better golfers out there. Why don't they ask about them?
Just my opinion.
All answers are welcome.



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WOO HOOO... stand up girl take a bow! AGREED 100%!!

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I too get tired of hearing about one person all the time. There are others in this situation - ever hear of Paris Hilton, Roger Clemens, or QE II. The one question I have for you relates to a statement you made concerning Tiger - "There are better golfers out there" - I have to disagree with. Who do you think is a better golfer than Tiger Woods?

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I don't get tired of Tiger because he is exciting. I am lucky enough to watch history being made. And, I seriously would like to know who is a better golfer then Tiger. Please tell me. Certainly none of the other golfers on the Tour. As far as Nicklaus, Snead, Palmer, and all the others, they were good, but Tiger is better.

Lets see... Palmer won 7 majors and 62 PGA tournaments in his 18 year professional career. Tiger woods has already won 12 majors and 57 PGA tournaments in just 11 years. Hmm... I wonder who is better?

You said in your additional details section that "there are better golfers out there." How else is that suppose to be translated?

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I think they talk about him the most because he stands out the most among the rest of the PGA Tour players. He stands out for a number of reasons: He's black (not trying to be racist, just stating facts), he's the #1 player, and he's not a great example for kids on how to handle your problems.

Since he is expected to be so great, when he makes a small mistake, people jump all over him.

That's just what I think.

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I agree w/ you, I think people should worry about their own game.

I don't think you can compare Tiger to the legends. Seriously, there is way more technology now than back then. I personally don't think you can compare them.

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when your #1 people are going to focus on that player.

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