Any fun golf drills?

I'm a teenager, and I also play golf. Lately my mother has been nagging about the amount of practice I've been putting into it. I might also mention that I'm a girl, if that makes any difference. It seems to her that I express an extreme talent in the sport, but I just don't see it. I think my practice routine is a little boring, so is there anyone that knows some fun but effective practicing techniques? Putting, chipping, off the tee, all are fine.


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Chip with SW, PW, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 irons (maybe even 3 wood), from the same spot to the same hole. Noting the difference in trajectory and roll. THEN; see how many different trajectories and rolls you can produce with each club. Vary; swing path, speed, ball placement, transfer of weight, etc. Be able to go back to the basic shot with that particular club. This helps to ingrain feel.

You can do similar with shots to distances with the various clubs. In other words, hit each club to 50 yards, then 100, then 150. Don't hurt yourself here, don't try to hit a SW 200. You'll learn to hit half back swing shots and 3/4 shots. Note the different trajectories and rolls.

On the tee, hit a draw. Hit a fade. Then hit it straight. Hit a knock down. Hit a stinger. Be creative.

You can also play the hole backwards. For instance on a par 4 hit whatever will leave you a full 5 wood in. Say you hit your 5 wood 190. The hole is 350 so hit 160 off the tee. Or cut the distance in half, hit the same club. Hit 175. Be creative. Call it on the tee.

On the practice green. Find the hole closest to the center of the green. Make putts like the dial of a clock. Use 3 or 4 balls. Make one from each spot before you can move on. Like horse in basketball. Start at 2 feet, all the way around the clock. Go to 3 feet, 5, 10, 15, 20 etc.

I hope you are able to enjoy some of these ideas. That's the most important part. ENJOY IT! Good luck. You can do it.

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games are always fun with putting and chipping. for example, on the putting green, lay out a course of 18 holes. set the par at two and see how low you can get. over time, you can master the course and have a club record. you can do that type of thing with chipping and set the par accordingly - if you are at the level where you need the par to be three, do that, or set it at two to help your up and downs. on the range, you can see how many shots out of ten you can get to land on a specific green. my favorite, which may be a little inappropriate, is to play a game i invented called "strip putting." find a guy golfer you think is hot and putt against him such that the loser of each hole removes an article of clothing. but then again, you are a teenager...

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Well I like to play H.O.R.S.E. with my buddy when we warm up to play. It is the same principal as the basketball game. You just use a wedge of some sort, and golf balls. Each take a turn and see who can make the shot, Flop shot, who can get the ball to check and stop. All are crucial shots to scoring better on the course. If you become better around the green the you can save par more often.

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