All things being equal, how is a 460 cc clubhead better than a 400?

Question:Why would the 460 be better? More distance? More forgiving?

I seem to be having huge problems making the "upgrade" to the larger driver...VERY inconsistent at best. I'm trying to figure out why.Heavier clubhead maybe?


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There is a small increase in forgiveness, as a larger clubface will add more fogiveness, and maybe a tiny bit of extra distance.

A big thing could be that it looks different to you, so you dont swing well with it. Looks and confidence have a lot to do with your golf swing. I hit the Nike Sumo2 once and it looked so weird that I couldn't hit it good at all, so the larger clubhead could be just visually intimidating to you.

I meant the hazards and out of bound colors!?

Well, where I went to school, 400 is not equal to 460. The club head probably isn't much heavier, if any. Inconsistent golf is usually the clubber, not the club...

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the 460's are at the most 2-3 grams heavier than the 400's the club faces are hotter and they are more forgiving on off sweetspot contact. Like someone else said.probably the clubber not the club.

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